The organizational structure of the Faculty of Agriculture consists of the Deanate, Senate, Departments/ Departments, and Study Programs. The Dean consists of the Dean who is the head of the faculty, who is assisted by three representatives, namely the Deputy Dean 1 for Academic Affairs; Vice Dean 2 for Administration, Finance, and Infrastructure; and Vice Dean 3 for Student Affairs. For administrative matters, the dean is assisted by the Administrative Department, which consists of the General, Finance, and Personnel Sub-sections; Equipment Sub-section; Academic Subdivision; and the Student Affairs Subdivision. Then there is the Faculty Senate, which is the normative body and the highest representative within the faculty who has the authority to spell out the policies and regulations of the university for the faculty concerned. The Dean is the exo-physio chairman of the Faculty Senate, who is assisted by a one-man Secretary of the Senate. The members of the Senate comprise all Professors and are supplemented by two non-professorial department representatives.

Department / Department is a set of supporting resources for study programs in a family of science and technology disciplines. Departments / Departments within the Faculty of Agriculture Unhas in accordance with the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia No. 0563 / O / 1980 dated December 5, 1980 stipulated five departments under the Faculty of Agriculture Unhas, namely: Department of Agricultural Cultivation; Department of Soil Science; Department of Agricultural Socioeconomics ; Department of Pests & Plant Diseases; and the Department of Agricultural Technology.

Under the department / department, there are S1 and S2 Mono-disciplinary study programs (prodi), besides that the department is also associated with multidisciplinary S2 and S3 study programs. Since the enactment of the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education (DIKTI) No.163 of 2007 dated November 29, 2007, which regulates the management of study programs in higher education, the study programs at the Faculty of Agriculture have undergone adjustments and name changes as presented in the following table:


StrataStudy ProgramAdministration Manager

Undergraduate (S1)AgrotechnologyMajors: Agricultural Cultivation, Soil Science, Pests and Plant Diseases
AgribusinessDepartment of Agricultural Socioeconomics
Food Science and TechnologyDepartment of Agricultural Socioeconomics
Magister (S2)AgrotechnologyDepartment of Agricultural Cultivation
Plant Pests and DiseasesDepartment of Plant Pests and Diseases
Food Science and TechnologyDepartment of Agricultural Technology
Agricultural EngineeringDepartment of Agricultural Technology
AgroindustryDepartment of Agricultural Technology with Postgraduate
Rural Planning and DevelopmentDepartment of Agricultural Socioeconomics with Postgraduate
Land Resource Management (Temporary Process)Department of Soil Science
Agricultural SystemsFaculty of Agriculture and Postgraduate Studies
Doctor (S3)Agricultural SciencesFaculty of Agriculture and Postgraduate Studies