Learning Facilities

Learning facilities at the Faculty of Agriculture are considered to be very minimal, compared to the number of students who are currently approximately 2,000 people. The Faculty of Agriculture has 15 fully air-conditioned lecture halls (capacity varies between 50-150 people) including 1 lecture theatre directly managed by the faculty, and some that are shared with other faculties. Each room has a Slide Projector, which can be used at any time. The faculty also has 30 laboratories, 1 teaching industry unit, 4 greenhouse units, 1 unit of plant gallery. In addition, there is also an experimental farm, which is in the northern part (behind the Tamalanrea Campus) an area of 10.24 ha, and in Moncongloe an area of 15 ha. There are also gardens owned by the Faculty of Agriculture in Bulukumba Regency, although they have not been managed optimally.


The Faculty of Agriculture currently has 31 laboratories (abbreviated as labs); One integrated lab is jointly managed by the majors, and the other is spread across each department. Each lab is led by one lab head consisting of several researchers in the relevant areas of expertise, plus laboratory personnel and technicians (although currently not all labs have their own technicians). In other words, one technician serves several labs in one major.

According to its function, the laboratory at the Faculty of Agriculture currently consists of a teaching laboratory (teaching lab), a research laboratory (research lab). In its use, the two functions are generally carried out jointly in each lab in the Faculty of Agriculture. These laboratories are not only used by lecturers and students of the Faculty of Agriculture, but also from other faculties at Unhas, as well as several assisted universities such as: The College of Agricultural Extension (STPP Gowa), the Islamic University of Makassar (UIM), the University of 45 Makassar, and the Indonesian Muslim University (UMI) Makassar.

March 2024