Prof. Dr. Ir. Salengke, M.Sc


PERIOD 2022 - 2026

Duties and Functions of the Dean

  • Leading The Implementation Of Education, Research, And Community Service;
  • Prepare A Faculty Strategic Plan Containing A Program For Elaborating The Strategic Plan Of Unhas;
  • Lead The Implementation Of Academic Support Activities Within The Faculty;
  • Lead The Implementation And Service Of Academic Administration And General Administration Within The Faculty;
  • Fostering And Developing The Competence Of Lecturers And Education Staff;
  • Propose The Opening, Changing, And Closing Of Courses, Departments, And Faculties;
  • Propose The Appointment And/Or Dismissal Of Candidates For Deputy Dean, Head Of Quality Assurance Group, Head And Secretary Of Department, Head Of Study Program, Head Of Laboratory/Studio/Workshop, And Leaders Of Other Elements To The Rector;
  • Develop, Implement, Control And Develop Academic Quality Standards Within The Faculty;
  • Fostering And Developing Student Potential;
  • Maintaining And Fostering Security, Order And Beauty In The Faculty Environment;
  • Cooperating With Government Agencies, Private Institutions, And The Public Both At Home And Abroad With The Approval Of The Rector;
  • Submit A Report On The Implementation Of The Tridharma Of Higher Education To The Rector Every Year And At The End Of The Term Of Office; And The Performance Of Other Duties Assigned By The Rector.