Unhas Faculty of Agriculture Together with the Regional Representative Council (DPD) Holds DPD RI BULD Dialogue (Communication) Activities on Food Security

The Unhas Faculty of Agriculture together with the Regional Representative Council (DPD) held a BULD DPD RI Dialogue (Communication) activity in the context of monitoring and evaluating draft regional regulations regarding food security. The activity was carried out on the 2nd floor of the Faperta Assembly Room starting at 9.00 WITA until finished (19/1).

Starting the activity, the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Dr. Ir. Salengke, M.Sc gave a speech and opened the event. Prof Salengke expressed his appreciation for the opportunity given for Faperta to distribute in the dialogue. For him, the issue of food security is a matter of life and death for a country.

“If this is not handled well then we will be very dependent on external influences,” he said.

On the same occasion, Chairman of BULD DPD, Ir. Stephen B.A.N. Liow, M.AP revealed the aims and objectives of holding the dialogue. He said that the DPD encouraged regional regulations to be in line with regulations set by the center and conversely regulations set by the center to accommodate regional interests.

“Food is the most important basic human need and its fulfillment is part of the human rights guaranteed in the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia as a basic component for creating quality human resources,” he explained.

Stefanus added that one of the reasons for choosing South Sulawesi Province as the area for dialogue regarding food security issues was because South Sulawesi Province, based on the food security index ranking, was one of the provinces included in the top 5 province with the best score sequence with a value of 81.38. This cannot be separated from the support of Hasanuddin University which gives great attention to the issue of food security.

Drs. Andi Muhammad Arsjad, M.Si as Head of the Food Security Department of South Sulawesi Province said that South Sulawesi is one of the food distributors in Indonesia, however, El Niño which occurred last year caused food production in South Sulawesi to decline. The decline in food distribution reached approximately 10 million tonnes.

“Because of that, I feel grateful that we are holding this activity to discuss what solutions we should take regarding this problem. “Apart from that, there are policies related to food security whose implementation can be discussed further,” he said.

Discussing further the food security problems faced, two speakers from Unhas were present. Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Ambo Ala, M.Si as a food security expert presented a material entitled “Strengthening National Food Security.” The other resource person is Dr. Kadaruddin, S.H., M.H who presented material regarding “Legal Aspects of Regional Food Security.”