Faculty of Agriculture Holds Yudisium and Gathering for Graduates for September 2023 Period

Yudisium and Gathering for Graduates for the September 2023 Period of the Faculty of Agriculture took place solemnly. Located on the 1st Floor of the Faculty of Agriculture Hall, the activity was attended by prospective graduates and their parents/guardians, Monday (4/9).

Starting the activity, reading the minutes by Prof. Dr. Ir. Salengke, M.Sc as Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture. Next, the names of the graduates were read by the Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, Dr. rer. nat. Zainal, STP., M.FoodTech as well as reading the names and giving award plaques to the best graduates by the Vice Dean for Planning, Resources and Alumni, Dr. Ir. Rismaneswati, SP., MP.

In his speech, Prof. Salengke told the participants who would officially become alumni after graduation that the achievements they achieved today were thanks to the hard work and sacrifices they had made. He added that what the prospective graduates achieved today was also the hard work of their parents/guardians who always supported them until the end of their studies.

“Today’s moment is a moment that we should be grateful for because there are millions of our brothers and sisters out there who are the same age as all of you, but do not have the privilege to continue their studies at university,” he said.

Prof Salengke further revealed that the number of applicants who wanted to enter Unhas was almost 47 thousand, while only around 7 thousand were accepted. This means that as many as 40 thousand applicants failed in the admissions process. The activity ended with a faculty-level dress rehearsal session before the graduation process the following day.