Unhas Faculty of Agriculture Receives Group of Students from Independent Student Exchange Program III (PMM 3)

The Faculty of Agriculture Unhas welcomed a group of participants from the Independent Student Exchange III (PMM 3) program after university level acceptance. Located on the 2nd floor of the Assembly Room (24/8), the reception was carried out openly with an exchange of opinions system.

Representing the Dean of Faperta who was not able to attend, the Deputy Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, Dr. rer. nat. Zainal, STP., M.FoodTech opened the reception by inviting students to introduce themselves. After all students introduced themselves and where they came from on campus, they continued with a video showing the profile of the Faculty of Agriculture as a means of basic information for exchange students.

Dr. Zainal said that the Faculty of Agriculture is collaborating with various campuses to realize student exchange programs. This is so that students can experience new experiences while studying at other campuses.

“Based on world rankings, the Faculty of Agriculture, Unhas is in fourth place after IPB, UGM, Brawijawa in Indonesia. “I hope that this title can be felt by all students,” he said.

He also added that if students find it difficult to adapt or have something they want to ask, they should not hesitate to ask fellow students or lecturers for help. The Faculty of Agriculture’s facilities and infrastructure are available for use. On that occasion, he explained the Sikola application which is used in the teaching and learning process at Unhas.