Unhas Faculty of Agriculture and Al-Azhar Islamic University Sign a Cooperation Agreement

The Faculty of Agriculture Unhas received a visit from Al-Azhar Islamic University (Unizar) as well as signed a Cooperation Agreement (PKS). The activity took place starting at 09.30 WITA on the 2nd floor of the Faperta Assembly Room, Monday (17/7).

Prof. Dr. Ir Salengke, M.Sc as the Dean of Faperta Unhas welcomed the arrival of the Chancellor (Dr. Muh. Ansyar, M.P) and the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture (Ir. Muhsin, M.Sc) and the Unizar group. He said that the visit was expected to result in discussions that could implement each campus as a form of consideration for future cooperation.

“Currently the Faculty of Agriculture has been working with various agencies, both national and international. One of them is cooperation with Japan for the development of rice which has been going on for almost ten years,” he said.

Prof Salengke further said that Faperta Unhas always sees the potential for cooperation but focuses more on cooperation that can be executed in the near future. He hopes that one of the collaborations that can be carried out is related to the collaborative research of the two agencies.

The same thing was conveyed by the Chancellor of Unizar, Dr. Muh. Ansar. He expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome of Faperta Unhas on the visit. As an alumni, he already knows the quality of Unhas as the best university in Eastern Indonesia.

“Another purpose of this visit is also related to one of our study programs, namely agroecotechnology which is a new study program so we need guidance from the Faculty of Agriculture Unhas,” he said.

The activity continued with an introduction to the study program by each head of the Faperta Unhas Study Program. After the signing of the PKS, the agenda continued by visiting several laboratories at the Unhas Faperta.