Workshop on the Implementation of PKM, Faculty of Agriculture Hasanuddin University for the 2023 Funding Passing Team

In preparation for the 36th PIMNAS in 2023, the Faculty of Agriculture Unhas held a PKM Implementation Workshop for proposals that passed funding (20/6). Attended by the chairman and members of each group that passed the funding, the workshop was held on the 1st floor of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry Hall.

Deputy Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, Dr.rer.nat. Zainal, STP., M.FoodTech expressed pride in the selected team. According to him, the number of proposals that passed this year was more numerous and more diverse compared to the previous year. This is certainly a great opportunity to bring more trophies to the Unhas Campus.

“We have already been funded and later there will be monitoring and evaluation to control how PKM activities are carried out and it is this monitoring and evaluation that determines whether you will pass to Bandung,” he said.

Furthermore, he also explained that he appealed to the PKM participants to maximize the work on the proposal. According to him, early anticipation is also needed, especially the way the PKM group presents their work.

On this occasion, the Chair of the Unhas Working Group (Pokja), Dr. Ir. Suhasman, S.Hut., M.Sc as a resource person to provide directions regarding campus internal selection up to the PIMNAS stage.

Suhasman explained that last year Unhas succeeded in bringing 12 teams to go to Malang to take part in the 35th PIMNAS. The 12 teams that departed succeeded in bringing home 7 medals and brought Unhas to rank 6th nationally.

“One of those who donated medals was from the Faculty of Agriculture. PIMNAS medals have become a tradition at the Faculty of Agriculture for the last few years, so that is our target,” he continued.