Holds Public Lecture, Faculty of Agriculture Unhas Presents Expert Speakers

Through a guest lecture held on Tuesday (14/2), Faperta Unhas presented two expert speakers. The activity was carried out on the 1st floor of the Unhas Faperta Hall at 14.00 WITA until finished.

Present as a guest speaker, Prof. Dr. Didiek H Gunadi as general chairman of the Indonesian Inventors Association discussed the “Conception of a Sustainable Agriculture System in Indonesia-A Special Review on Palm Oil.” The second guest speaker was Dr. Anwar Syed Rizvi as a former United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Plant Pathologist with the topic of discussion“Plant Pathology.”

The activity was officially opened by the Deputy Dean for Partnership, Research and Innovation (Dr. Ir. Mahyuddin, M.Sc). He expressed his gratitude for the presence of the two resource persons to share knowledge with agricultural students.

Prof. Didiek in his material presentation pointed out the types of soil that are not suitable for planting oil palm. He explained that there were classes that indicated the level of suitability of oil palm plants, ranging from the most suitable to those that could not be used for planting oil palm at all. 

According to him, there is quite a lot of land in Indonesia that is not suitable for planting oil palm but instead is planted with oil palm. This causes delays in the process of planting oil palm.

“The planting process must be limited by the applicable conditions and appropriate measures. Don’t let the exploitation of the land be excessive so that the way to avoid it is to evaluate the quality and characteristics of the land,” he explained.

Next, Dr. Anwar Syed explained material related to plant pathology. He explained that plant pathology basically discusses diseases in plants. Anwar added that plant diseases can hinder the cultivation and growth of food crops.

“Disease vectors are agents that carry and transmit infectious pathogens from one organism to another living organism. Diseases in plants can be transmitted by insects,” said Anwar.

After the presentation of the material, it was followed by a discussion and question and answer session between the participants and the speakers. The activity was closed by giving souvenirs to the presenters.