Yudisium and Graduation Gathering for the Period of December 2022, Dean of Faperta Unhas: Knowledge is Power

The Faculty of Agriculture, Hasanuddin University held a Yudisium and Graduation Gathering period II phase 2 December 2022 Academic Year 2022/2023. Located on the 1st floor of the Hall of the Faculty of Agriculture, the activity starts at 13.30 WITA until it finishes, Monday (19/12/2022). 

The activity began with the reading of the minutes by the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Dr. Ir. Salengke, M.Sc. Next, Dr. rer. nat. Zainal, STP., M.FoodTech as the Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs read out the names of the graduates along with reading the names and awarding plaques to the best graduates by the Deputy Dean for Partnership, Research and Innovation, Dr. Ir. Mahyuddin, M.Sc.

On this occasion, Prof. Salengke in his speech expressed his gratitude and appreciation to prospective graduates and parents/guardians who attended the activity. Prof. Salengke said that this was the result of the hard work of prospective graduates for about 4 years studying at the Red Campus (Unhas). 

“Knowledge is power, knowledge is the power we have. From here we will see how we can implement the knowledge that we have painstakingly gained over the years in our lives,” he said.   

Prof. Salengke also explained that the Faculty of Agriculture Unhas is one of the best faculties in Indonesia and even one of the best in the world considering Unhas has been recognized globally. According to him, studying at the Faculty of Agriculture Unhas was the right decision if you wanted to study Indonesian agriculture.

Furthermore, Prof. Salengke explained that all alumni who graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture were agricultural ambassadors and Unhas ambassadors out there. He appealed to prospective graduates when they become alumni, to continue to maintain the good name of Unhas.

Finally, Prof. Salengke wished success to all prospective graduates who attended. “God willing, with the education that you get at Unhas, all of you will become successful people,” he said.