Continuing the Partnership Relations, Faculty of Agriculture Hasanuddin University Signing a Cooperation Agreement with MPM Toraja

Taking place on the 2nd floor of the Assembly Room of the Faculty of Agriculture Unhas, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Faculty of Agriculture and Community Development Motivation (MPM) Toraja. The signing process took place from 10.30 WITA, discussing ongoing programs between the two parties, Thursday (10/11/2022).

As Research Coordinator, Prof. Dr. Ir. Kaimuddin, MS stated that the signing of this collaboration was the second phase where the first phase had been carried out in the previous cooperation period. The activities that have been carried out in the first phase range from surveys, workshops, FGDs, and training.

“From the first phase, we will produce patents that have been registered through procedures. In terms of development, almost all the resources around the farmers have been used as the main ingredient,” he said.

Prof. Kaimuddin also added that the farmers involved in the collaboration could independently explain their agricultural products accompanied by researchers from Unhas when scientific meetings were held.

The Director of MPM Toraja, Ruth Tandi Ramba welcomed the opportunity to continue the partnership with the Faculty of Agriculture Unhas. Ruth revealed that through this collaboration, two grand seminars had been successfully carried out, namely the national seminar and the international seminar. The two seminars provided a lot of inspiration for the MPM network both domestically and abroad.

“Collaboration with the faculty of agriculture so far has resulted in a lot of success. There are two books that have been made, namely Toraja in Climate Change and Organic Agriculture,” she added.

Furthermore, the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Unhas, Prof. Dr. Ir. Salengke, M.Sc hopes that with the many positive results achieved, the government can also take part in helping programs that will be implemented later.

“With the opportunities that have been opened by Mrs. Ruth and the team, hopefully in the future there will be more teaching teams at Unhas to assist farmers in the field,” said Prof. Salengke.