Degree of Yudisium and Gathering of Graduates/Graduates November 2022 Period, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Motivates Graduates

Taking place peacefully, the Faculty of Agriculture, Hasanuddin University held a Yudisium and Gathering Event Period II Phase 1 November 2022, Academic Year 2022/2023. The event took place from 13.30 WITA until it was finished, taking place on the 1st floor of the Hall of the Faculty of Agriculture Unhas, Wednesday (2/11/2022).

The reading of the names of the graduates was carried out by the Deputy Dean for Academic, Research and Innovation, Dr.rer.nat. Zainal, STP., M. FoodTech. After that, the Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Alumni and Cooperation Affairs, Dr. Ir. Mahyuddin, M.Sc, and awarding plaques to the best graduates.

Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Hasanuddin University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Salengke, M.Sc gave high appreciation to the graduate participants who had successfully completed their studies as well as the greatest appreciation to parents and guardians who had provided various supports to the graduates.

In his speech, Prof. Salengke motivated the participants to be proud as agricultural graduates. He said that majoring in agriculture was the most appropriate choice considering that the agricultural sector in Indonesia needed more and more agricultural experts. According to him, there would be no life without agriculture.

“Indonesia’s population will soon reach three hundred million. Agriculture is whose responsibility? Of course it is our responsibility to cultivate agriculture to support life,” he explained.

Furthermore, Prof. Salengke believes that agricultural graduates have a great opportunity to get a promising profession in the world of work. This has made the Faculty of Agriculture increasingly develop innovation by teaching students about the concept of millennial agriculture.

“All of us who are in agriculture should be at the forefront of agriculture. There are many people whose educational background is not in agriculture but because they see great opportunities in the agricultural sector so they end up working in this field. We, who are basically agricultural graduates, should use the knowledge we get to apply it in the career world, he said before ending his speech.