66th Unhas Anniversary Ceremony, Presenting the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia and the Minister of Agriculture of Brazil

Hasanuddin University again held an annual ceremony to commemorate the 66th Anniversary of Unhas. Taking the theme “Working Together for Unhas Excellence,” the ceremony was held at Baruga AP Pettarani, Saturday (10/9/2022).

The 66th Unhas Anniversary ceremony was also attended by Prof. Dr. H. Syahrul Yasin Limpo S.H., M.Si., M.H (Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia), Dr. Ir. H. Andi Amran Sulaiman, MP, (Chairman of IKA), Andi Sudirman Sulaiman, S.T (Governor of South Sulawesi), Komjen Pol (Ret.) Dr. (H.C) Syafruddin, M.Si (Chairman of the Board of Trustees), Prof. Dr. Abdul Latief Toleng, M.Sc (Chairman of the Academic Senate), Prof. Dr. Ir. Jamaluddin Jompa, M.Sc (Rector of Unhas), Chairman of the Anniversary Committee Prof. Dr. Ir. Salengke, M.Sc (Deken of the Faculty of Agriculture), and special guest Marcos Montes Cordeiro (Minister of Agriculture of Brazil), as well as the entire academic community of Unhas.

In his remarks, Prof. Jamaluddin emphasized that Unhas has been recognized in the eyes of the world. He hopes that the findings produced in the scope of the Unhas laboratory are not only something that has been previously discovered by outside researchers but something completely new so that the existence of Unhas is increasingly advanced in the eyes of the world.

“To become an international university is not easy, we have to change ourselves at the international level. Our system must change so that we can adapt to the global system,” he said.

The Minister of Agriculture of Brazil, Cordeiro, who also delivered a speech during his visit, thanked the Indonesian Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo who specially invited him to attend the Unhas Anniversary ceremony. Cordeiro also carried a message from the President of Brazil to establish cooperation in agriculture with Indonesia as well as cooperation in other fields.

“After going through 50 years of difficult times in the agricultural sector, Brazil is now one of the largest producers in the sector. Brazilian products are known for their good quality and integrated quality assurance. This can happen due to the commitment of research, innovation, and education,” he explained.

He further hopes to continue the cooperation initiatives that he had previously discussed with the Indonesian Minister of Agriculture. This is done because in recent years there have been global climate-related problems that have hit all countries (global warming) so he hopes to strengthen cooperation between countries.

The Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia, Syahrul Yasin Limpo on the same occasion also delivered a scientific oration. For him, the people of South Sulawesi as the closest environment of Unhas have a value system and cultural character that makes them great and respected by other ethnic groups in Indonesia and even the world. He believes that it can be a pillar to lead to an advanced, independent, and modern Indonesia, especially in responding to various global challenges that have hardly been experienced before.

“I believe that the Unhas campus is filled with qualified academic people so that those who fill the campus are called academicians,” he said.

The ceremony ended with the signing ofa memorandum of understanding (MOU) and cooperation agreement between Unhas and the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture as well as the signing of an MOU between Unhas and the partnership.