Series of 66th Anniversary, Hasanuddin University Collaborates with Maros Officialdom as a Form of Community Service

In the framework of the 66th Anniversary, Hasanuddin University collaborates with Maros Regency as a form of community service. Carrying the theme “Unhasku for the People,” the activity was held at the Multipurpose Building, Maros Regency on Thursday (25/8/2022).

Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Dr. Ir. Salengke, M.Sc as the Chairman of this year’s Anniversary Committee revealed that a series of community service activities in Maros Regency have been carried out from June to August. There are 34 community services that have been carried out and involved more than 100 Unhas lecturers.

“Last week we have carried out mass Moringa planting activities, the number we brought from Unhas was around 1500 Moringa sticks, although the rector actually suggested 10,000 at least,” he said.

According to Prof. Salengke, the purpose of community service is to encourage people to be more enthusiastic in taking advantage of opportunities, such as the opportunity to process Moringa for the benefit of household health and even economic interests whenever possible. He also said that the service activities that have been carried out before will show off the results of their work during the activities.

“In the morning, there will also be demonstrations on how to produce healthy food that can be implemented by the community. Later our team, the Faculty of Agriculture will conduct a demosnration. In addition, the team from Nursing will do a screening back there. It is aimed at children from relatives’ families,” he added.

Rector of Hasanuddin University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Jamaluddin Jompa, M.Sc in his speech also labeled Maros as one of the favored districts in Sulawesi. He argued that Maros is a buffer for Makassar so that Unhas, local governments, and the community should work together to take advantage of Maros’ geography, geopolitics, geoeconomics, and natural resources (SDA).

“Maros from the sea to the coast exists, from rice fields to mountains exists, so Maros is indeed a paradise for people who want to build a civilized civilization, which is modern but also with a healthy, strong, and prosperous society, of course peace-loving,” he said.

Prof. Jamaluddin assured that community service is the first step that can be a great benefit for the community. He also revealed that the Minister had asked Unhas to coordinate food supply in the Sulawesi region.

“Although in Sulawesi we will not be short of food in the near future, but we hope that Sulawesi will become a national solution. If necessary, we help countries that are close to Sulawesi and if necessary Maros is one of the areas that we excel in supporting world food security because there is currently climate change. Climate change causes various problems in crops but with the science, technology, and information developed by agricultural friends, hopefully in this Dies Natalis activity, it can provide solutions related to the food faced,” he added optimistically.

H.A.S Chaidir Syam, S.IP., M.H as the Regent of Maros Regency expressed his gratitude to all parties involved in community service in Maros Regency. One of the community services that concerns him is the use of Moringa leaves as nutritional fulfillment to prevent stunting carried out the previous week. The hope is that after the counseling conducted by Unhas, the problem of stunting in Maros Regency the following year can be reduced, even if possible to get out of the red zone.

“We hope to establish cooperation, mutually beneficial relationships, provide this information to each other so that it continues to be established. moreover, the distance between Hasanuddin University and Maros Regency is very close. This is our hope in the future,” explained the regent who is also an alumnus of Unhas.

Before ending the activity, a symbolic signing of cooperation between Unhas and the Maros Regency Office was carried out to continue and present programs that can be a solution to various problems in the community. Invited guests who attended the activity were also welcome to visit the booths of community service products that had been prepared.