Taking the theme Working Together for UNHAS Excellence, the Kick-Off of the 66th Anniversary of Hasanuddin University was Successfully Held

The Kick-Off of the 66th Anniversary of Hasanuddin University with the theme “Working Together for UNHAS Excellence”¬†was again held on the ground floor of the Hasanuddin University Rectorate Building, starting at 13.00 WITA until it was completed, Monday (8/8/2022).

The activity which carried the slogan “UNHASku BERSATU UNHASku KUAT” was also attended by the Rector of Unhas (Prof. Dr. Ir. Jamaluddin Jompa, M.Sc) and his staff, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Prof. Dr. Ir. Salengke, M.Sc., as the Chairman of the 66th Anniversary Committee, cooperation partners, and the entire academic community of Hasanuddin University.

Starting the activity, the Dean of Faperta gave a speech and thanked the invited guests who had attended the activity. In his remarks, he explained that the Faculty of Agriculture and the Faculty of Nursing collaborated as the committee for the implementation of this year’s Anniversary and had made various intensive preparations since June.

“The committee has compiled sections to handle every activity and InshaAllah after this launching event, all committees will move uniformly to carry out every program, every activity that has been carried out,” explained Prof. Salengke.

The next speech was given by the Rector of Unhas. Prof. Jamaluddin said that in accordance with the theme carried, every Anniversary celebration should be used as a momentum to renew many things, one of which is the commitment to achieve the University’s targets.

“We want Unhas to be able to contribute again, Unhas can be present in the community, Unhas can provide solutions, but all of that is impossible if we are not united,” added Prof. Jamaluddin. On the same occasion, he also revealed that the slogan of Unhas bersatu was deliberately made so that the spirit of unity is much stronger than before, especially when faced by external factors such as the covid atmosphere that has not subsided even though it has been much better than before.

Before the event ended, Prof. Jamaluddin directly inaugurated the launch of the 66th Anniversary logo with a depiction of a pinisi boat sailing across the ocean against the background of an earth ball. The event closed with the release of 66 pigeons as a symbolic meaning of the celebration of the 66th Anniversary.